Summer Daytime Classes

You know you want to try this.

Summertime classes and introductions to fencing are wildly popular.  Fencing is fast becoming a "World" sport.  For generations it has been dominated by European fencers and only in the last 5 years has the US ascended to a position of dominance.  Later this year watch as the women and men of the strongest USA fencing team ever  "show their steel"  at the Olympic Games in Rio.

The regular "club schedule" is on the calendar on the "Calendar and fees" page.

Camp Sign-up Dates

July 11-15,  10AM to Noon, Novice/Intermediate, $150.00 per student

Aug. 8-12,   10AM to Noon, Novice/Intermediate, $150.00 per student

Aug. 22-26,  10AM to Noon, Novice/Intermediate, $150.00 per student

Summer Class Forms Link

Summer daytime classes are for youth fencers.   All of the classes are co-ed and designed for ages 9 - 17.

Classes include all fencing gear and must be joined in advance with all documents and payments received via “snail mail”.  Sign-up must be complete and received at least 1 week before a class. 
You will receive an email confirmation. 
Classes that have less than 5 students may be cancelled and payments returned, destroyed or used for another class at the customer's discretion.

The Fencing Club Facility

MSFA has been lovingly designed and developed to be the safest and most technologically advanced club anywhere.  We have 5 competition Strips and the best electronics available.  Please take a look at the following video.

The instructor:  Joseph Biebel

A Competitive fencer since 1968.  Competing locally, nationally and internationally in foil tournaments.

State champion 25+ times,  Midwest champion 8 times.  National champion in my age categories 7 times.

Member of two U.S. Senior world championship team in 1983 and 1989 and also the Pan-Am team in 1989.

In Veteran (50+) competitions, World champion once, Silver medalist twice, Bronze medalist once.

USFA rated referee and a SafeSport certified coach.

What is fencing like?

Watch video #1 below for a wonderful visual explanation.  For those of you that have never tried this, you should know that it is a real sport.  It is intense mentally and physically and emotionally.

Here are most of the fencing opportunities available at MSFA:

Fencing club memberships:   One day weekend Mini-camp:   Summertime day-time 2-hour classes:

Summertime morning classes:   weekly evening group sessions:   Home-schooled children's classes:

Saturday novice session:   Saturday intermediate and advanced club members session:

Private lessons:  Birthday parties and Private group sessions:

If you are signing up for a youth or adult weeknight or weekend novice classes, or are in a class using plastic gear supplied by MSFA, go to the "Novice Program" page or the "Adult Class" page and follow those instructions

All students signing up for any level or class or membership must have a US Fencing membership for insurance purposes.  Class members must have a "non-competetive" US Fencing membership.

 If you are an advanced fencer (a fencer using steel equipment), we require that you have a “competitive or a non-competetive” USA Fencing membership.  Here is a “railstation” Link  to get you started

The MSFA club (NOT A MAILING ADDRESS) physical address is: 6814 W. Brown Deer Rd, Milwaukee WI 53223

MSFA Mailing address:  MSFA  
                                               130 E. Brown Deer Rd
                                               Bayside, WI 53217

The new facility is in a single story strip mall called “Plaza Plaza”.  It has excellent parking in front and behind, in a well lit lot.  The mall has 2 restaurants; Schlotzsky’s Deli and the Jalisco Charcoal Grill Mexican restaurant.  Additionally, there are many restaurants on Brown Deer Road within ½ mile.

The club is once again a full USA Fencing membership club, using their insurance, etc.  We will be having numerous events including sanctioned tournaments open to all.

Milwaukee Sport
 Fencing Academy's
physical location is at:

6814 W. Brown Deer Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223

Click on MAP for 
for an accurate Google map to MSFA

The MSFA mailing Address is:

130 E. Brown Deer Road
Bayside, WI 53217

"Plastic Lesson"

Welcome to the

Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy (MSFA)


The MSFA is the only "dedicated" fencing facility in the state.

Our mission is to grow the sport of fencing in Milwaukee.  Our primary goals are to foster fun, exercise, sport, and to secure the benefits that amateur sport can impart to children and adults. 

At MSFA you can:

·        Take a class

·        Watch a fencing video

·        Buy/Rent equipment

·        Take a private lesson

·        Compete in a tournament

·        Fence with your friends

·        Read a book from our fencing library


Stretch, warm-up, practice point control at a target

…or take a break and watch someone else work up a sweat for a while

Who Can Fence?

We’ve taught children as young as 6 with safe and excellent results.   Children under nine require a parent to take (be in the class) the class with them.

Wednesday evening is our new adult beginner and intermediate class time(s)

This is a wonderful sport, or recreation for persons of any age.