The Transition From Novice to Intermediate


Intermediate members are invited to come on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to take a 10 minute mini-lesson or to fence matches as part of their fee.  To take a mini-lesson, you must be at fencing for the mini-lesson not later than 7PM.   Intermediate fencers may come on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.  There is a formal class only on Saturday.

Okay, so you're at the point where you've taken the novice class three or more times and the coach has invited you to "move up" to the intermediate group.  You were invited to this group because you showed some skills, maturity, and the ability to play the game safely.  If you are not invited, this simply means you do not yet possess the required skills.  Time will fix this.

You do not have to advance to the intermediate group.  If you are having fun and enjoy where you are at, that is great.  The things that will change after your third six-week session are that the club will no longer subsidize your fees and equipment.  Your "session fee" goes from $80.00 to $120.00.  You may also rent equipment  for an additional $30.00 per session or You must now provide your own mask, glove, chest-pad or jacket, and plastic foil. 

During the novice classes it is perfectly fine to start buying your own gear.  I recommend buying the things you sweat in first.  The mask and glove.

At the time when you change to intermediate, you must become a club member (see schedule and fees page) and buy all of your own gear.   Here is a link:  Intermediate gear to a .PDF list of the required and recommended equipment and vendor contact information.  You will need to find their sizing chart, etc. and perhaps ask questions of them.  It will likely cost about $350.00 for a complete set of gear as described in the .PDF.

You must purchase this on your own.   Rely on the indicated website and the advice (if necessary) from the vendor.

Advanced Fencers

Advanced fencers have all of their own gear and fence with their own electric fencing gear.   The club's electronic scoring systems are now at your disposal.  The extra gear needed for this is contained in this linked .PDF file:  Advanced Electric Gear.  This will take some time, in fact it's entirely possible to need to change or exchange something in the order, so waiting until the last minute would likely cause disappointment.

Once you are in the group, You can look forward to adding training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and of course joining the intermediate class on Saturdays.  You will also, be able to purchase private lessons.  See private lessons.

Whether you want to try fencing as a sport, for recreation or as a social activity, this is a great starting place.  We supply the gear, you supply the attitude.  Come in and learn from 6-time Veteran national champion and Veteran world champion, Joe Biebel.

Our novice equipment consists of plastic weapons and plastic masks, pads and gloves.
We keep class sizes to 15 or less.
Specific time and date information is detailed on our website on the "Calendar, Fees, FAQs" page.

If you have questions that are not covered by the website, please send an email to:

“Sure, we’re trying to stab each other, but it’s all in good fun"