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Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy:

Facility address:
6814 W. Brown Deer Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223

Mailing Address:
130 E. Brown Deer Road
Bayside, WI 53217

FAQs and Contact info

Q.  When should you call or email Joe? 
 Only after studying the website and the list of "common questions" below.

 If you have studied the website and still have questions.  
 Joe's Direct Line is: 414-232-8270 and he will be happy to help with things not covered on the website.

Email:  Always include all your telephone # in an email to Joe
                                      Email Joe at:

Most common questions:
1.)  What if I can't/don't make all of the class sessions?  Then you lose that class(es).  Six consecutive weeks.  No extensions, no refunds.  Almost no one makes all the sessions

2.)  Who else is in the class, what are the other kids age range, etc.?  The enrollments are all co-ed,  the age ranges are all over the place and constantly changing.  We will never give out information about other class members, so please, do not ask.

3.)  Can I just bring my paperwork and payment to the club to get started.  No.  All details including payment must be handled in advance, arriving by "snail mail", you will then receive an email acknowledgement.

Who else is in the class, what are there ages, etc. ?
We will never divulge such information.  Whoever is there is there.  We do not have age group sessions currently , nor are the classes restricted by sex.  Children are welcome, adults are welcome, adults with their children are welcome.

General questions What kind of fencing do we do?

This is the Olympic sport of fencing and we specialize in “foil” fencing.  Tournament weapons are made of steel and, of course, a great deal of protection is necessary.  Our classes are taught with plastic systems eliminating the need for much of the protective gear while also allowing students learn not to react to their "flinch" response.

Is fencing safe: 
Yes.  Fencing has a remarkable safety record and MSFA is very strict on safety rules and measures.  Having fenced for 45 plus years at a high level, I have had some injuries.  There have been injuries just like other sports mostly caused by falls and muscle strains.




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