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New Signage by road and over Entrance:

Opening Day:
Opening Day, first match, Isabella and Jonathan, photo by Eric

If you are signing up for a youth or adult  novice class, either or or are in a class using plastic gear supplied by MSFA, go to the "Novice Program" page or the "Adult Class" page and follow those instructions.  

All students signing up for any level or class or membership must have a US Fencing membership for insurance purposes.  Class members must have a "non-competetive" US Fencing membership.

 If you are an advanced fencer (a fencer using steel equipment), we require that you have a “competitive or a non-competetive” USA Fencing membership.  Here is a “railstation” Link  to get you started https://www.railstation.org/USFencing/default.aspx

The MSFA club (NOT A MAILING ADDRESS) physical address is: 6814 W. Brown Deer Rd, Milwaukee WI 53223

MSFA Mailing address:  MSFA  
                                               130 E. Brown Deer Rd
                                               Bayside, WI 53217

The new facility is in a single story strip mall called “Plaza Plaza”.  It has excellent parking in front and behind, in a well lit lot.  The mall has 2 restaurants; Schlotzsky’s Deli and the Jalisco Charcoal Grill Mexican restaurant.  Additionally, there are many restaurants on Brown Deer Road within ½ mile.

Four blocks away is a Walmart for the majority of your shopping needs and 6 blocks West is a Menard’s, which I’ve heard, has an entire section devoted to fencing ;)

Gone are the stairs, the special downtown events that snarl traffic and take our parking away.  The new, Well-lit air-conditioned modern facility, is a noticeable improvement in every way.  Sadly, moving has meant some students are further away.  Happily, moving has made it closer for others.

Please pay attention to this:  Brown Deer Road is very heavily patrolled.  It is very rare when I am going to or from the club, not to see a least one vehicle pulled over for some infraction.  There are many law enforcement agencies involved as Brown Deer Road goes through Bayside, River Hills, Brown Deer, Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls.  Let’s get to the club safely and without donating to the local “tax” base.

The club is once again a full USA Fencing membership club, using their insurance, etc.  We will be having numerous events including sanctioned tournaments open to all.

The "Old" Club

                                         2014 Intermediate/advanced group...come play with us

Milwaukee Sport
 Fencing Academy's
physical location is at:

6814 W. Brown Deer Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223

Click on MAP for 
for an accurate Google map to MSFA

The MSFA mailing Address is:

130 E. Brown Deer Road
Bayside, WI 53217

"Plastic Lesson"

Welcome to the

Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy (MSFA)


The MSFA is the only "dedicated" fencing facility in the state.

Our mission is to grow the sport of fencing in Milwaukee.  Our primary goals are to foster fun, exercise, sport, and to secure the benefits that amateur sport can impart to children and adults. 

At MSFA you can:

·        Take a class

·        Watch a fencing video

·        Buy/Rent equipment

·        Take a private lesson

·        Compete in a tournament

·        Fence with your friends

·        Read a book from our fencing library


Stretch, warm-up, practice point control at a target

…or take a break and watch someone else work up a sweat for a while

Who Can Fence?

We’ve taught children as young as 6 with safe and excellent results.   Children under nine require a parent to take (be in the class) the class with them.

Wednesday evening is our new adult beginner and intermediate class time(s)

This is a wonderful sport, or recreation for persons of any age.