Tournament Results of MSFA Fencers

February 27, 2011  MSFA mixed C & under

J. Brickman 1st,    F. Biebel 2nd,    M. Papp 3rd,     J. Voelz 3rd
Congratulations to all, Biebel and Voelz are MSFA students

MSFA Open Foil January 30th, 2011
MSFA introduces the latest in fencing technology.  Below is the first published photograph using MSFA's proprietary "Psychic Cam" technology.  Simply put, the camera captures both the image and thoughts of the people in the photo at the moment the picture is taken.  It then superimposes the thoughts onto the photo.

  Ian Wilke 3rd,  Len Grazian 3rd,  Joe Biebel 2nd,  Alan Markow 1st

C & Under Foil,  January 16th, 2011
      A. Grasse 3rd        B. Aronica 3rd,         J. Voelz 2nd,          F. Biebel 1st.

To be continued...