Novice  Class


Ever thought about “taking a stab” at fencing?
Now is your chance.  Milwaukee Sport Fencing has a 6-week
  novice class, with all equipment included,
for $80.00 per person.

Class Specifics:

This class (Saturday morning only) is the best starting point for all students 9 years old and above.

This class can be joined, at any time, for 6 consecutive weeks.
Use the link below to download the necessary forms.   Payment and forms must be received (via mail) before your first class starts.  You will receive a confirmation email to let you know you are "good to go".

Intermediate transition
You need to be "invited" to join the intermediate group by the instructor.  The instructor mainly looks for safety, maturity and quality of technique.  You may continue as a novice if you wish, but understand that the novice group is designed to see if you have an interest in the sport.  The cost of the novice classes is highly subsidized by the club.  If you wish to continue as a novice after three 6-week sessions, you will need your own gear and the 6-week sessions will cost $120.00.  We do not sell gear but are happy to advise.

When you move to the intermediate level, you will need all of your own gear and you will be fencing with steel weapons.  You can expect this to cost about $350.00 for a complete set of gear.  Additionally, you will need to have a club membership of 3 months or more.  Details on the "schedule and fees" page.

How To Sign Up
Sign-up instructions are also in the
"Student Papers Folder" packet download below:

1*  For Each student, Go online to the USA Fencing membership portal and sign up for a “non-competitive” membership.  The costs $10.00 for the year.  Make sure you print out your license when prompted and include a copy with your papers.

The following link has the forms necessary to enroll in a class
or to become a club member.

Student Papers Folder LINK

This link is to the   "Homework"  YouTube videos we created

The Concept and Details:

Our main goal is to provide an exciting activity that provides a great mental and physical workout for children and adults. 

First and foremost, we teach respect for the foils we use and the safety of others. 

  • This program is designed for fencers 9 and above.   Adults and children.
  • Children younger than 9 need to be in a class with a parent for their first six-week session.   The parent must also take the class and of course pay for the class too.

  • MSFA supplies all the gear and instruction for the novice group. 
  • Please do not bring any soda, candy, or the like.
  • MSFA is intent on offering a healthy and wholesome environment to you and your children.
  • The gear we use is made of plastic and designed to be very safe and allow novices to learn to fence without fear of injury.

Parents are welcome to stay or take the class with their child or they can watch from the gallery or leave*, but we absolutely insist you return to retrieve your child ;) .  

*Parents/caregivers may not "drop-off" their child (under 18) and leave them alone with an instructor  (Safe-Sport rules).  If you want to leave, you must make an arrangement with another Parent or caregiver to stay with your child.   

What to expect:
You can expect to: laugh, run, attack, defend, win, lose, gain confidence, knowledge and poise, hit and be hit, sweat, improve their strength, endurance and concentration.  All of this while having fun!

The main idea is to give the student an opportunity to try this game, without a major economic commitment from the parents.

The plastic systems we use, allow us to instruct fencing (to hit and get hit) with a minimum of layers of protection.