Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be taken on Tuesday, or Thursday Evenings by email

                appointment only.   Lessons must be set-up 2 days in advance.

 Email lesson requests to:
Times will Start on weeknights at 6:30 PM.  Must take earliest lesson available.
Weeknight lessons will end at 8PM.
Saturday, private lessons begin at 11:30AM and end by 1:30PM. 

Private Lesson pricing for Club Members:
Private lessons are sold
in 2-hour blocks for $120.00.
Lesson blocks are normally broken up into four 1/2 hour sessions.

Private Lesson pricing for Non-Members:
One-hour private lessons are sold individually for $150.00 per hour.
These lessons can be for an individual or a group.  Groups may not exceed 4 students.  Groups need to add
 $15.00 for gear (if needed) for each additional student.

Payment can be made by check (to Joe Biebel) at the time of the first lesson.

Why Private lessons?  Whether you are a recreational fencer
 or a competition fencer, here are a few of the ways that
 private lessons can help you.

1. Fencing is complicated.  There are many things going on simultaneously.  It can take a very long time to figure everything out on your own.  By relying on the experience and skills already attained by your coach, you can reach skill levels not attainable on your own.

2. The group setting is fine for basic skills.  Everyone will learn certain aspects of the sport at varying rates and quality.  The job of the private instructor is to help you to become a complete fencer, by observing where you are and guiding you to focus on specific areas that need work.